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Tease and Ruin a Helpless Bound Male

Ashlynn and Nika have a male wrapped up in pallet wrap. They are going to tease and deny him over and over. The loser has not been touched by anyone in a very long time and does not deserve attention from the pretty girls. They think it’s funny, though, to witness his sexual desperation. The girls edge their bound loser for a long time. It would be so easy to get him to orgasm for them, but they do not allow it. Finally, they let the loser have a ruined orgasm. The girls laugh at the loser’s humiliation. One ruined orgasm isn’t enough. Nika sits on the loser’s face and they start in on the second ruin.

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Smother Harness Struggle

Macy puts a male into a smother harness and attaches it to her ass. The chastity slave must crawl behind her with its face buried into her ass. Macy does a few circles around the living room. She is going to take him to the mall with her later and parade him around in pubic like this. Macy pulls the straps tight. The tighter she pulls the straps the less air the male gets. Macy tells the slave to start licking. The slave cannot escape and must lick Macy’s ass. Macy lays on a bench with the slave strapped behind her. She fixes her makeup while the slave worships. Macy admires herself in the mirror as the male struggles to breathe. Macy tightens the straps even further. She tells it exactly how she wants to be licked. Whenever the slave does not do exactly as Macy says she tightens the straps further and makes it even more difficult for him to breathe.

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