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High Profit Propellerads

Have you ever heard financial advise at Propellerads? Well in this short blog, you can earn money online. One of the best popunder, in-page push, banner ads, push notification. You can start earning money online without hassle. Even if you are small publisher, you are qualified. For more details, visit link below.


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What is KYC and Why It is Important

KYC is short acronym for “KNOW YOUR CLIENT”.
KYC is good for every publishers and affiliate marketers to avoid fake bots, multiple accounts, abusive requests and frauds. Before you accept on joining the AD NETWORK especially on Propellerads. They will ask your IDENTITY, you need to send valid ID’s and where you came from first.
– real people & real interactions –

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Interstitial format – Propellerads New Profit AD TEMPLATE

Good Day !

Welcome to our MOVIEZONE BLOG on how to earn money using ad network. Today i will tell you my experience with the Propellerads network and how their ad network works.

I want to introduce with you the newly launch of Propellerads NEW INTERSTITIAL FORMAT AD TEMPLATE on every PUBLISHER SECTION as given on the image below,

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the interface of the website in mobile or desktop. It includes a big image, a title, and a description that all can be customized. The ad appears over the website content with a small delay after a page is loaded.

You can use the format both for mobile and desktop traffic.
Interstitial format - Propellerads New Profit AD TEMPLATE

The highest conversion rate is currently in the USA (US), Great Britain (GB), Saudi Arabia (SA), Myanmar (MM), Brazil (BR), South Africa (ZA), Malaysia (MY), India (IN)

Huge traffic volumes for scaling are in Mexico (MX), Indonesia (ID), Philippines (PH), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR), Germany (DE), Italy (IT).

I liked the user interface such as designs, you can customize your own template to get more attention from the visitors. I am using interstitial ads only once at a time. If the viewers like the display ads and it is about on how to earn money online, they are passionate to visit the link. Propellerads are always making their publishers and advertisers happy when it comes on how to earn money during this pandemic and the world are in crisis (COVID-19). Such a big help for us.

I will show you the template how it looks like on my website below image screenshot.

My Propellerads Dashboard Statistic and Format Settings:
Interstitial format - Propellerads New Profit AD TEMPLATE

Revenue from my Propellerads Interstitial Ads on the past few days:
I have few impressions because i’m using interstitial ads only once at homepage and still the cpm are great.
Interstitial format - Propellerads New Profit AD TEMPLATE

If you’re looking for ALTERNATIVE GOOGLE ADSENSE AD NETWORK, i would definitely recommend using Propellerads network. They have great support and more features with high cpm ads. Wish you luck!

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SSP: Self-Service Platform Features for Affiliates

Propellerads are rolling out new features and updates this 2020.
On December 2019, they launch new features called SSP or Self-Service Platform to help their users save time efficiently when digging data on user’s dashboard. The one that i like the most is CUSTOM TIMEZONE SETTINGS FOR MY STATS on campaign page. You can get result in just a second and you can compare the number of impressions/clicks/conversions.

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[Quiz] Which vertical is right for you?

My Recommended Verticals are on the following list below;
1. Dating
2. Sweepstakes
3. App Installs

Offers To Test
Helix VPN Pre-lander – 762
Boostdev Cleaner – 670
Top JucyDate LP -716
Ugetlaid LP1 – 592
Win iphone11 – captcha preland – 488
Samsung S20 – 703
€250 gift card! – 674
Coop Gift Card Prelander – 145
Gift Voucher Prelander – 480

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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How to start making money with affiliate marketing?

Whether you are planning affiliate marketing to become your side hustle or a major source of income, it’s crucial to know your basics.

Using our long-standing expertise in the affiliate marketing (after all, we are in business for 10 years), we’ve compiled an ultimate list of tips and resources – articles, ebooks, webinars, etc. – everything to equip you with essential knowledge of how things really work.

How do I earn in affiliate marketing?
In simple terms, affiliate marketing is promoting 3rd party products/services and earning a commission for that. The more people you can refer, the more money you are able to make.

So, as an affiliate, you are finding the best ways to promote the product (we’ll refer to it as a “CPA offer.” CPA means “Cost per action”), and that includes: finding the right message, banners (aka “Creatives”), making converting landing pages, testing traffic sources, and setting up the most effective user flow. And for all that work, you’re rewarded with money.

In return, this 3rd party (“Advertiser”) is able to cut his costs for lead acquisition: basically, advertisers are just providing affiliates with a list of requirements and then check the lead quality. Convenient? Absolutely!

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How to launch Push campaigns

Push notifications are a great advertising format. It’s highly converting, flexible, responsive to optimization, and can bring huge ROI if you know how to do it right.

Before launching a campaign
So, you’re ready to get started. What should you begin with?

#1 Choosing the pricing model
Popular questions:

What pricing model should I choose — CPC or CPM?
What model works best for testing?
When is it the time to go from CPC to CPM?
So, let’s assume you have no issues with finding an offer and creating a Push campaign in the PropellerAds’ Self-Serve platform. The first step that can be somewhat dubious is choosing the right pricing model. Let’s get to that first thing.

In PropellerAds, you can choose either CPC or CPM.

So, what should it be?

We recommend starting with CPC to test your offers. In this case, we can guarantee the cost of your traffic. With CPM, there is no such opportunity.

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[FREE WEBINAR] 3 Ways to Monetize Push Subscription

Hello guys, i would like to inform you that this coming September 10, 2020 @2pm GMT. Propellerads are launching free webinar for all of us wanting to monetize and generate push subscriptions. Be ready and save the date.
3 Ways to Monetize Push Subscription

Webinar sign up link ➡

Read Full Article below link ➡

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How to launch Push campaigns – Part 2

We are now on part 2 blog on “How to launch Push Campaigns”

Today I’m gonna show you some important steps in optimizing your campaign after you get your first results.
So, let’s get started!

1. How do you analyze the results?

First of all, you need access to your campaign performance stats.

You can find all the campaign statistics in the Dashboard. For each campaign, you can see such metrics as Impressions, Clicks, Engaged visits (+their % from all the visits), Conversions, CTR, CR (conversion rate), CPM, Cost, and CPA.
Simply click on one campaign and you’ll see the list of all the available targeting groupings.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you’ll be able to see such groups as:

➡ Zones
➡ Creatives
➡ Device Type
➡ Device model
➡ Browser
➡ Mobile ISP
➡ Connection
➡ OS version
➡ OS Type
➡ Language and
➡ Zone type

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Affiliates Conversion Types Explained

For new marketers, the acronyms used for different conversion types in affiliate marketing may seem like in hieroglyphics. To help you out, we’ve put together an article with all the conversion types, their abbreviation, and a small explanation of what you need to do to convert customers depending on the type of offer.

Easy conversion types are beginner-friendly, so they don’t require extensive knowledge or a large budget. These are also more affordable than medium and hard conversions, not to mention the fact that they’re easy to optimize, so they’re ideal for affiliates that need to learn the ropes.

Single opt-in conversions are the easiest to achieve. All you need to do is convince users to leave their contact information, like full name, email address, and such. Each time a user submits his or her information you get a conversion. Furthermore, SOI conversions are commonly found in sweepstakes, dating, and gaming offers, plus you may see them in finance as well but these are less common.

Medium-difficulty conversions are better left to more seasoned affiliates that understand how the ecosystem works. They’re more complex than the previous set, but they also offer a much higher payout.

Double opt-in conversions are similar to SOI. The difference is that the former requires confirmation, which is usually done by email or phone. Users sign up, receive an email, confirm it, and you get your conversion.

Cost-per-order and cost-per-sale are similar to COD. The main difference is the name used and the way they are presented, but the idea remains the same.

Hard conversion types that are recommended for all-star affiliates that have large budgets, sophisticated optimization strategies, and blacklists as well as whitelists readily at hand.

Cost-per-lead is one of the most popular conversion types you’ll encounter. It’s available for almost every vertical and it consists of generating qualified leads for advertisers. This is done by collecting extensive information about users, including email addresses, gender, name/surname, some more details (can be even a Tax Number – in financial offers).

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