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New Ashtray – Goddess Platinum

New Ashtray – Goddess Platinum

This is Day 1 of me testing out a new, pathetic slave who thinks it’s worthy enough to serve the Mean Girls and I. I really do hate how it has to wear a mask.obviously it thinks it’s something special. Special enough that it thinks someone is going to recognize it and care. Which lets face it.nobody cares about this useless creature.
You do realize the only reason this thing begged me to allow it to serve us is for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be around the World’s most perfect women. We all know it would never be around such perfection in its real life. I wonder if anyone has ever even loved this freak.I’m assuming not.lol!
Since this is this slaves first tryout I will run it through the wringer and push its limits. This slave really hates anything gross in its mouth, so I obviously had to do an ashtray clip..to really test how obedient it would be.
Once I was done smoking and using it as an ashtray, I walked back into the Mean Girl Manor and left it in the blazing heat. I heard it gagging and I’m pretty sure it threw up.hahahaha.fucking loser. So pathetic. We will see if I end up using this loser again.
It was obedient though.I’ll give it that.

File name: Smoking 1322 Goddess Platinum
File Size : 859 MB
Runtime : 7 min 5 s
Resolution : 1920×1080
Format video: MP4

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Promise Ceremony from Platinum Media (1990s)

Name: Promise Ceremony from Platinum Media (1990s)

m4v / 565.29 MB / 710×480 / 00:56:12
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